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Pharmaceutical & Personal Care

Pharmaceutical & Personal Care

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Securing your most sensitive products. Whether you are packaging medical nutrition or pharmaceutical ingredients, we understand your requirements and can offer solutions for the most sensitive needs. Minimize risk of contamination during storage and transportation of your product in packaging solutions from Greif.

Rigid Industrial Packaging

Greif offers a wide variety of large, intermediate and specialty fibre, plastic or steel drums or IBCs that offer a truly customized solution with the appropriate components for the Pharmaceutical & Personal Care market.

  • Optimized specifications to match each customer's and end-user's needs regarding safety, costs and sustainability. Examples include:
    • Advanced Internal Cleanliness process for steel drums
    • Food contact to FSSC 22000 certification according product lines
    • BPA free lacquers (Non Intentionally Added)
    • Full range of small and large stainless steel drums available
  • ISO 9001 registered CAR quality system
  • UN/DOT performance certification available
  • Applicable materials and components are in compliance with relevant governmental
  • SQF code edition 7.2, Level 2
  • SQF code edition 7.2, Level 2
  • Independent kosher certification

Rigid Industrial Packaging
Flexible Products and Services

Flexible Products and Services

Greif Flexibles provides a wide variety of FIBCs to satisfy the technical and regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.


  • We use the highest quality raw materials in accordance to pharmacopeia regulations to prevent harmful migration from packaging into your product
  • Our manufacturing network includes state-of-the-art clean room facilities for optimal protection from external contaminants
  • Greif offers end-to-end supply chain control for full traceability of components. 
  • For products sensitive to oxygen and/or humidity, our specialty liners with barrier properties will protect your product